Elevate Your Real Estate Game with Horayzone

Empower your real estate journey in a virtual world where agents connect, unites, and chart the course
to unparalleled success. It's a game-changer for the real estate agency industry.


Virtual Collaboration Hub

Our digital hub connects IPGMY real estate agents for real-time collaboration, knowledge sharing, and updates on projects, market trends, and opportunities.

Project Information Hub

Access project info easily and transparently. Navigate through detailed project specifics, encompassing commission structures, pricing, and distinctive selling propositions, all within our virtual platform. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape and make well-informed decisions.

Virtual Sales Battles

Experience competitive thrills in virtual sales battles, where agents can showcase their expertise and vie for recognition and enticing rewards. These battles serve as an immersive platform to elevate motivation and enhance sales performance.

Agent Personality Insights

Exploring personalities with assessments like DISC and Myers-Briggs allows you to understand each other's strengths and communication styles, ultimately boosting teamwork and collaboration.

Virtual Meeting & Conference Center

Effortlessly host meetings and conferences in our immersive virtual hall. Whether for agents, team discussions, or industry conferences, our interactive space offers a seamless experience. Save time and resources by eliminating the need for physical venues.

Virtual Recruitment Center

Optimize your recruitment process with our virtual recruitment center. Conduct recruitment talks, interviews, and onboarding for new agents seamlessly in the digital realm. It's a contemporary and effective approach to growing your team.

Tailored Professional Growth

Empower agents in their career journey through our digital platform. With tailored training and performance tracking, shape your trajectory, monitor progress, and open doors to success. It's a career journey crafted just for you.